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"Solphet Music"


Solphet Music is a label from Diventa Music. Since 2014 Solphet Music focusses its musical range on the finest Lounge, Chill-Out and House music. This label exclusively releases compilations with carefully selected tracks from Diventa Music and others. All releases are distributed by DigDis to digital music stores and streaming services worldwide. We bring only our best music to your living room. Enjoy!

Asian Tempel Bar Series

Buddha`s Chill Heaven Series


Buddha Hotel Suite Series

Casanova Lounge Series

City Suite / Glamour Girls - Jazz Lounge

Cocktail Hour - Afterwork Series

Generations House Music Series

Ibiza Chill Lounge

Ibiza House Music

Kaffeepause Series

Living Room Lounge Series

Moments Lounge Series

Nightchill Lounge Series

Peace Oases Collection Series

Traffic City House Connection Series