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Lazy Hammock's track 'Searching feat Ivan M-Sax' was licensed by CBS for the hit US sitcom 'Life In Pieces.'


LAZY HAMMOCK is signed to German label DIVENTA MUSIC, and has released 5 albums to date including 1 remix album. Her productions & remixes have been licensed for TV and numerous other companies including; CBS, K Digital, Mood Media, Play Network and Medianet and to over 1000 compilations worldwide, including MINISTRY OF SOUND, SONY BMG and EMI amongst many other labels

LAZY HAMMOCK is a UK Artist, Producer, DJ, Songwriter, Vocalist, Remixer and Radio Presenter who is constantly in demand for her songwriting, vocals and production skills from artists and labels alike and for her chilled DJ sets from Promoters and venues. Her music has its own inimitable style and she is well known for her infectious, warm, laid back style of soulful/chill-out, productions and remixes, and also for her captivating live stage performances. She has also been the main DJ at many High End events including; 100% Design Show, London, The opening and closing parties for Clerkenwell Design Week, The Icon Awards, Showroom parties for Surtio, Bene, USM and CaesarstoneUK and has also played in Ibiza and many other countries around the world.

Solphet Music Compilation Releases

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Ibiza Magica - Lazy Hammock & Ivan M Sax (Rework of Lounge Songs)


At 18.10.2019  you can order the Album "Ibiza Magica" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Ibiza Magica is the epitome of chill. It is the 9th album from Lazy Hammock and for this production she has joined up with the sublime Saxophonist Ivan M to produce one of her most beautiful albums yet, consisting of specially selected pre-released tracks now including saxophone recorded live in Ibiza. Together they have created an album where you can let go of your worries, sit back and let the sensual and meditative tunes draw you in and envelop your senses.

Salt Lounge - Mazelo Nostra feat. Stepo Del Sol (Spa-Chillout)


At 06.09.2019  you can order the Album "Spa Lounge" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Mazelo Nostra have produced together with Stepo Del Sol those Songs to relax in our Salt Lounge. Music for Meditation, Relax and to dive into an other world.

Piano Fantasies - Meditativkilofon (Piano-Chillout)


At 06.09.2019  you can order the Album "Piano Fantasies" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Meditativkilofon present his new album, which was created under the influence of the piano. 17 lounge songs with different piano melodies.

Swimming Pool - Spoq (Trip-Hop, Electro)


At 30.08.2019  you can order the Album "Swimming Pool" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

With "Swimming Pool", Spoq releases a new mind bending cinematic album. This work manages to combine warm, intimate, introverted acoustic instruments and melodies, with analogue basses, glitches, fat beats and sometimes even disharmonic, aggressive sounds. This is not at home in one genre, but rather draws chill hop, trip hop and ambient vibes just to juxtapose them with cinematic IDM and sometimes even Synth Wave and Drum'n'Bass elements. Spoq's very specific sound is very present in this album. It can maybe be described as shattering a symphonic orchestra together with vinyl crates and a bunch of broken synths, only to search for the most fragile shards and most solid pieces at the same time to puzzle together something completely new. Even though it is an instrumental album, the themes behind "Swimming Pool" have a great emotional depth. Writer and producer Wolfram Gruss describes it as a very personal meditative musical reflection on what it means to be human: "A public swimming pool is a sort of microcosm, where for a short time we become the same. We jump in the water to swim, cool off, play, exercise or recreate. It does not matter where you come from, how you have gotten there, what your story is, what you own...everyone is just keeping their heads above the water. At the same time we become vulnerable as our bodies are exposed, the flaws and scars we rather keep covered up might show, our worries, problems and pains are waiting for us as soon as we leave the water. This is exactly the ambivalence I wanted to express with the title track. It is slow, relaxing, almost corny at times, but at the same time probably the saddest and heaviest piece of music I've ever created." Whether you follow this thought process or not, "Swimming Pool" is definitely an album for connaisseurs looking for unusual and uniquely deep electronic music.

IBIZA Midnight Lounge Grooves - Mazelo Nostra feat. Stepo Del Sol (Nu Jazz, Funk, House)


At 23.08.2019  you can order the Album "IBIZA Midnight Lounge Grooves" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Mazelo Nostra und Stepo Del Sol werden nach Ibiza reisen und vor Mitternacht alle Lounge Cafés besuchen. Sie werden Spaß haben und die Sommerzeit genießen. Ihre Idee soll sich im neuen Album IBIZA Midnight Lounge Grooves widerspiegeln. Das Album ist eine Mischung aus Lounge, Nu Jazz und House. Natürlich fließt etwas Funk von Mazelo Nostra mit ein. Stepo Del Sol hat ihren sommerlichen und fröhlichen Flair mit eingebracht. Das Ergebnis könnt Ihr nun hören....... Mazelo Nostra and Stepo Del Sol will travel to Ibiza and visit all the lounge cafés before midnight. They will have fun and enjoy summer time. Their idea will be reflected in the new album IBIZA Midnight Lounge Grooves. The album is a mixture of Lounge, Nu Jazz and House. Of course, some funk from Mazelo Nostra flows in. Stepo Del Sol has brought in her summery and cheerful flair. Now you can hear the result.......

Chandini Buddha Lounge 5 - Yantra Mantra (Buddha Lounge Chillout)


At 24.05.2019  you can order the Album "Chandini Buddha Lounge 5" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Just like the parent albums before, Chandini Buddha Lounge Vol. 5 presents modern chillout and lounge music with asian flair and flavour. The 15 songs in this album also create a modern exciting mixture without renouncing the Asian culture. Following this principle there are several songs which stand in the tradition of the elder Chandini albums. But also you can find some innovative tracks which indicate an individual way to combine musical elements intending to give Yantra Mantra a self contained identity of east/west fusion music. Sit back and enjoy it... DVM287-Salt_Lounge-Spa-Wellness-MazeloNostra_feat.StepoDelSol.jpg

Paradise Beach - Meditativkilofon (Easy Listening)


At 17.05.2019  you can order the Album "Paradise Beach" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Musician - Van (Nu Jazz)


At 15.04.2019  you can order the Album "Musician" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Album Van-Musician is the first creation this year. Already well - known to many multi-instrumental composer VAN, created a musical album that conveys the atmosphere of the latin rhythms of boss nova, which immerse in the atmosphere of romantic Latin America, reflecting its beauty, love, joy and happiness. As well as the album will sound tracks with jazz improvisation, a bit of lounge rhythms,as well as in the tracks will sound retro keyboard solo instruments, the album promises to immerse the listener in a stunning atmosphere ,beautiful and intelligent music. We wish you all a pleasant listening.