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Oak - Pianochocolate (Lounge)


At 13.10.2017  you can order the Album "Oak" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

This autumn together with long-awaited chill and colors brought us a new album of Pianochocolate which is called «Oak». In a context of the collective's creative way, this one can truly be compared with some new fresh wind. «Oak» is different by its atmosphere, dynamics and sounding from all that Pianochocolate has been doing so far. But it doesn't presuppose any losses in quality, tenderness or strength. In fact, this time Michael Korumenko's music, which we loved for neat harmonies, timid piano and melancholic musical landscapes, charms a listener with quite new shades and rhythms of wind playing in a tree crown. The sounding of analog synthesizers, which made a basic ground for «Oak», and the experimental way of creating pieces enriched Pianochocolate with quite a new deepness and wideness. This autumn our classic black chocolate present a new filling; for a true musical gourmet not tasting it would be a pitiable loss.

Passages - Placid Larry (Chillout)


At 22.09.2017  you can order the Album "Passages" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Placid Larry is back on Diventa music this time with a lovely EP entitled passages . Placid Larry opts for a dryer , rawer sound with these five tracks and here we're taken on a downtempo journey kicking things off with a few chill hop groovers moving towards Larry's classic chill out signature as he winds the EP down . Some nice vocal pops and warm analogue sounds give this EP real character !! Grab your favorite drink sit back and unwind !!

In Da House - Rostov Groovers (Funky Lounge Music)


At 14.08.2017  you can order the Album "In Da House" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Rostov Groovers is a Russian band. In 2017 Petr Shatilov gathered a group to play instrumental acid-jazz and funky-hip-hop music. Drums, a bass and a guitar form the rhythm section. Saxophone plays jazz solos and a DJ adds hip-hop scrathes to the music. The first EP called "Rostov Groovers in da house" includes 4 tracks. Each track describes the group's style and sound in a different way. Right now Rostov Groovers record the second EP "Luxury Fast Food". It will be released in the second part of 2017.

Special Promotion for Speak of the Mind - Lazy Hammock


At 12.05.2017  you can order the Album "Speak of the Mind" in all Download Stores. At 28.04.2017 it is exclusive by Spotify.

Speak of the mind takes you on a raw and emotive journey through love, pain, war and life, expressed through Lazy Hammocks unique and deeply poignant music and lyrics. Touching on genres from electronica, chill house and reggae, to drum & bass, songwriter and spoken word, this is an album which is sure to caress the senses, connect with the heart and touch the soul.

You can buy it in her Shop: Lazy Hammock Shop

World Chill - Lounge Charts - Promotion - Interview coming soon.
Lazy Hammock Promo
Lazy Hammock Promo on World Chill - Lounge Charts
Interview with Lazy Hammock

Music for the Lost Films, Vol. 2 - Magnus Moone (Production Music)


At 28.07.2017  you can order the Album "Music for the Lost Films, Vol. 2" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Magnus Moone is back with a second installment of rich, beautiful and tense cinematic music, collected on the album "Music For The Lost Films Vol. 2". His signature style of combining classical orchestra with all sorts of electronic beats and sometimes even experimental genres is clearly featured here. What is different however, is the skillful interweaving of hip hop and trip hop beats combined with atmospheric and upliftung melodies and analogue and digital instruments. Never short of contrasts through dramatic moments, changes in rhythm and mood, listening to "Music For The Lost Films Vol. 2" is a pure delight for anyone. Wolfram Gruss, the writer and composer behind Magnus Moone, usually writes soundtracks for all kinds of films and ads, but is also known for his electronic music projects Spoq and PNFA.

Cracked Elements - Spoq (Production Music)


At 28.07.2017  you can order the Album "Cracked Elements" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

A deeply psychedelic and cinematic trip. That is what Spoq is offering to the listener with the avantgardistic album "Cracked Elements". Inspiration for this release came, when Wolfram Gruss, the writer and composer behind Spoq, worked on a soundtrack for a film about American contemporary artist Doug Aitken, but he took the sketches further and turned them into his own art form. This album takes the listener away into a surreal place somewhere beneath this world. Only lead by intuition and subconscous decisions, the outcome of the creation process incorporates alls sorts of acoustic and electronic instruments, synthesizers and a lot of processed noises and ambient sounds, which still play the same role as musical instruments in the compositions. Often familiar and strange at the same time "Cracked Elements" incorporates hypnotic rhythms and melodies with analogue, natural qualities and combines them digital bits and pieces. If one wanted to place this record into a genre it would be somewhere between Post Rock, Ambient, Trip Hop, Soundtrack and IDM. Yet, genres really do not matter here. "Cracked Elements" is often demanding and thought provoking, but once you drown in it, the reward is delightful!

The Betweens - Spoq (Production Music)


At 28.07.2017  you can order the Album "The Betweens" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

The new album "The Betweens" by Spoq is a beautifully crafted, quiet and unpretentious album full of independent, cinematic electronic and ambient music at its best. You have to understand this album as soundtrack to your alone time. While enjoying nature wandering through pine woods, along remote lakes, crossing clear streams or hiking up snowy mountains and vast planes to get your head clear from the stress of your job and reflect on your life and the people around you , then this is the perfect music to accompany you. "The Betweens" expresses and supports what is going on in our heads during these moments. Sometimes it sounds loose like distant memories, whacky, strange, familiar, determined or even provoking, but always brings you back to a comfortable place. This music helps you meditate, inspire you, keep your ideas and thoughts developing, but will never distract you. Wolfram Gruss, the writer and composer behind Spoq is a master when it comes to combining unusual, analogue and digitally processed melodies, basslines, rhythms and instruments into vast, wonderful and surprising soundscapes. His music is full of complex, subtle layers that make each track unique and a rewarding experience, that gets richer with every time you listen.

Sommerstraße - Spoq (Production Music)


At 07.07.2017  you can order the Album "Sommerstraße" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

With the album "Sommerstraße" electronic artist Spoq presents an unusual, cinematic feel good album. Deeply chilled beats, lush synthesizers, hypnotic melodies and sharp glitches are composed to unique arrangements, which speak their own meditative language. However this album is not background music. Inspired by a collection of old photos of different places he came to aquire, Spoq gives us his own thoughtful interpretation of places and people he has never seen for himself or met. The concept is simple and complex at the same time: Instead of writing a hymn to a place, you might have visited during vacation (think Ibiza), this music represents the emotions and associations that the spectator has, when looking at a capture of an unknown place from another time. "Sommerstraße" is very artistic and demands and also deserves an in depth listening as the tracks are layered with so many details, subtle progressions and tiny rhythmic noises. Spoq's signature of using processed acoustic instruments, foley sounds and electronic noises to form unconventional, yet uplifting beats and melodies is more than present here. Tracks like "Grinzing" or "Zemlinsky" without any question feel like independent movie soundtracks, which is not a coincidence, since Wolfram Gruss, the writer and composer behind Spoq, mainly produces film soundtracks. If you wanted to put this album in a genre, you could call it cinematic idm or maybe trip hop. Spoq however, is never shy to bend genres to surprising twists and turns that defy categorisation. "Sommerstraße" is a skillfully crafted beautiful collection of unique, independent music full of pretty little sounds and well worth close attention to all of the thirty tracks.

Pillars of the Sky - Magnus Moone (Production Music)


At 07.07.2017  you can order the Album "Pillars of the Sky" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

The album "Pillars of the Sky" by Magnus Moone is a splendid collection of epic and powerful hybrid music at its best. Already well known for his superb movie and advertising soundtracks, writer and composer Wolfram Gruss proves with the latest release, that he has upped the bar quite a notch since the previous magnificent record "Cloud Stage". Tracks like "Adrenaline" or "Trail of Fire" breathe out sheer energy mixing heavy Dub Step beats, orchestral passages, metal guitars and sometimes even moody ambient music with folk elements. Other pieces, probably the best to mention is "Le Voie Petit" which is also the soundtrack of the awesome documentary "Living In Thin Air", but also "Ways" and "Escape To Egypt" manage to produce a huge cinematic experience. Even experimental electronic and Pop elements find their way into these productions, which are never shy to break genre rules, but are weave the elements together perfectly. Everything here is in the right place. "Pillars of the Sky" is a perfect soundtrack for anyone who loves uplifing, powerful and motivating hybrid music, movie and game soundtracks and is well worth any second of its 51 minutes running time.

Chill on the Moon Vol. 5 - The Sunrise


At 07.07.2017  you can order the Compilaion "Chill on the Monn Vol. 5" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

An exceptional collection of International artists have been selected for this downbeat and lush musical dream, reflecting the sunrise in space. Chill On The Moon is the interstellar compilation series compiled by Fabrizio Romano.

World Chill-Lounge Charts - Vol. 5 (Label: KHB Music)


At 01.07.2017  you can order the Compilaion "Chill-Lounge Charts - Vol. 5(KHB Music)" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Es gib wieder Mal Gänsehaut pur für Körper und Geist. Die Beruhigungstablette gegen den Stress vom Alltag. Die längst erwartete Compilation der World Chill-Lounge Charts begleitet uns durch den Sommer 2017. Mit der Folge 5. bringt die Compilation wiederum das Beste aus der gleichnamigen Charts. Die gewohnte Mischung aus Ambient, Chillout, Lounge bis hin zu Downtempo machen das außergewöhnliche zum Genuss der Musikgattung. So darf man sich an die Federführung der Artisten und Künstler erfreuen. Ein sinnlicher Moment wünschen wir euch. Egal wo ihr diese Musik genießen wollt.
Chill-Lounge Vol.5 - Promo

Wavedrops - Lazy Hammock


At 26.06.2017  you can order the Single "Wavedrops" in all Download Stores. At 02.06.2017 it is exclusive by Spotify.

Wavedrops has the sound of the sun and the feel of the ocean. This chillout single and remix package will transport you to the Balearic Islands within a moment of you closing your eyes. Let these tracks take you away to sun soaked islands where they can be the soundtrack to your summer.

Buddha Hotel Suite 8


At 02.06.2017  you can order the Compilaion "Casanova Lounge 8" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Mazelo Nostra compiled the "Buddha Hotel Suite Vol. 8" for Solphet Music. This well known and successful Series deliver finest oriental Music for your Living Room. You can relax and meditate during playing this Music in Background. Enjoy it!
Buddha Hotel Suite 8 - Promo

Casanova Lounge 8


At 26.05.2017  you can order the Compilaion "Casanova Lounge 8" in all Download and Streaming Stores.

Solphet Music released the Volume 8 of the well known and loved Lounge Series. Again selected Mazelo Nostra many finest Lounge and Nu Jazz Songs for the Time with Friends. Perfect mix to relax and enjoy your free time without stress and work.